Smoothie Texts

Want to save even more money on the ridiculously delicious smoothie deals we’re sending out?

Join our referral program for SmoothieTexts and get your family and friends in on the secret!

Here’s how it works…

For every new customer that buys through your referral code link, you’ll get FREE shipping that’ll automatically be applied to your next SmoothieTexts order.

“How do I get my referral code link?”

Just text “Referral” to SmoothieTexts, and we’ll reply with the custom referral link you can send out.

“What are the rules?”

Very simple. If someone buys through your referral link and they’re a new SmoothieTexts customer, you’ll get credit for free shipping on an order of smoothies that will automatically be applied to your next order.

For example… if you send out the link to 10 people, 4 of them buy, you’ll get 4 free shipping credits.

If you send it out to 10 people, 6 people buy, and only 4 of them are new customers, you’ll get 4 free shipping credits for your next 4 orders.

“What if my next  order already comes with free shipping? What happens then?”

If you place an order for, say, 3 canisters of healthy smoothie mixes that we’re already offering free shipping on, none of your free shipping credits will be used. We’ll only apply free shipping credits to orders that don’t come with free shipping already.

“How do I see how many shipping credits I have?”

Text “Referral” to SmoothieTexts 🙂 You’ll get a reply with the number of free shipping credits you have. If you have 8 credits, for example, that means you can get free shipping on your next 8 orders.

That’s it!