Store Pickup

  • Q: Can I pick up my SmoothieTexts order in store?

    No, Replies that are in this format will be automatically processed as shipping orders and shipped to your address


  • Q: How much will shipping cost?

    SmoothieTexts orders for 3 or more canisters are free shipping! An order for 2 canisters or less will have a shipping charge.
  • Q: Can I send these offers as gifts to different people?

    You may change your SmoothieTexts shipping address at any time by visiting the SmoothieTexts settings page or by contacting our Order Department at  orders@smoothietexts.com . Currently, gift notes may not be attached.

Offers / General

  • Q: Do I have to respond if I’m not interested in the offer of the day?

    Nope! No response is necessary if you don’t want to place an order.
  • Q: How do I know what offer I’m getting?

    The current offer(while supplies last) is available until the next offer is sent out.
  • Q: I just signed up but I haven’t received an offer yet!

    If you signed up after the current offer has been released(usually around 12pm EST), you will receive your first offer the following day.
  • Q: What is SmoothieText’s return policy?

    SmoothieTexts must be notified within 30 days from the date of delivery. Please email our Order Department at orders@smoothietexts.com. We’ll email you a prepaid shipping label. Once the package is returned to us, we will inspect the contents and send you out your refund.
  • Q: Can I refer people to SmoothieTexts?

    Yes! Just reply “Refer” to any SmoothieTexts message or visit our referral page for more details.

Account Adjustments

  • Q: How do I stop receiving offers from SmoothieTexts?

    To stop receiving offers from SmoothieTexts simply reply to your latest SmoothieTexts offer with “STOP